DeliverFund provides state-of-the-art software and technology to law enforcement in order to provide more information for cases and prosecution.

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PATHFinder is a tool which finds the links between commercial sex advertisements associated with human trafficking investigations. PATHFinder is the most comprehensive tool of its kind and has data from over 96 million advertisements over 20 commercial sex advertising sites. PATHFinder can query up to 1 million pieces of data attached to your investigation and provide the connections within 30 seconds.

PATHFinder speeds up an investigator’s investigation and provides significant additional information for the case. PATHFinder results can be bulk uploaded into P.A.T.H. for link analysis and case management purposes. Data provided by PATHFinder is date and time stamped so even if the link is taken down an investigator can easily subpoena the specific information.

It is CJIS compliant, and its data is stored securely in the cloud.

DeliverFund Provides:

Reliable, actionable, and verifiable intelligence to law enforcement to further expedite their investigative cycles.

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