DeliverFund provides state-of-the-art software and technology to law enforcement in order to provide more information for cases and prosecution.

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The Labor Trafficking Intelligence Platform

DeliverFund’s L.T.I.P. is an intelligence collection and analysis platform used to provide law enforcement with credible intelligence on labor trafficking. The platform has the ability to ingest indicators from open sources and human sources.

This information, combined with the embedded link analysis, allows an analyst to identify labor trafficking indicators at any point in the labor supply chain, from sourcing to labor destination.

Analysts are able to identify illicit sources of labor by searching any labor sector, entity risk scores, incidents reported at labor destination, and more. As entities and indicators are identified, L.T.I.P. allows analysts to gather additional intelligence on those entities for use in labor trafficking investigations.

DeliverFund Provides:

Reliable, actionable, and verifiable intelligence to law enforcement to further expedite their investigative cycles.

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